Chinese Girls in Bed

Cross-cultural love is romantic, but cross-cultural sex can be awkward. Because of the conservative culture in China, even the most experienced western guys find it hard to understand Chinese girls’ behavior in bed. To carry on the shameless spirit, I kindly draw this simple comparison between western and Chinese girls in bed. Hope you enjoy this reading, and may orgasm with you forever.

1. Lingerie

Compared with western girls’ love for leather, hollow texture and animal print, Chinese girls are more fond of chiffon and lace. Bows, floral print, or colorful plaids are also expected, and if you encounter all three in one outfit, clearly you are about to bang a fashion icon.


2. Dirty Talk

Imagine a guy asking a girl with a tempting voice during foreplay:”Are you a good girl?” A western girl would nail it by answering “you should ask how bad I am.” However, Chinese girls would play innocent, stare at you with puppy eyes and tell you they don’t know what it means. They also like to open their lines with What, Why, and How, like it is their first time. It could either be a big turn-on, or make you sound like a pedophile.




3. Preferred Position

A lot of western girls enjoy riding their guy and feeling in control, while Chinese girls enjoy playing the starfish. Missionary position is always their first choice, but doggy can also be acceptable if you try really hard to persuade them. This also means that having sex with Chinese girls can be very tiring for guys. Just to make sure you don’t ruin western guys’ image of sexual prowess, you’d better down a couple of energy drinks first.




4. Role Play Options

A Shameless quantitative survey of popular role-play themes for western porn revealed aggressive policewomen, slutty strippers and MILFs as the most common search items. If your Chinese girl is gonna surprise you tonight, though, you are most likely to find a student in sailor uniform, a nurse with lollipop, or a Qing Dynasty Princess wrapped in a cocoon in your bed.




5. Orgasm Scream

At the risk of getting banned, I’m pointing out the fundamental difference between Chinese and western girls in bed. If you get this wrong, you might be in danger of blowing everything. Read carefully: instead of Western girls’ “Oh yeah…yes…”, Chinese girls go with “Oh no…no…”, other popular derivatives include “受不了了” and “やめて”. If you really listen to what they say and stop, you’ll be in serious trouble.



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