Gay Battle: China V.S. USA

Straight girls love them, because they are your evil bestie, your fashion advisor, and your cockblocker; Straight guys hate them, because they look better, dress better, and obviously, block your cock. This is a global principle, but geographically American and Chinese gays are actually quite different. Let the battle begin.

Categories of Gays

Americans separate their gays into endless different categories, like bear, wolf, monkey, pig, etc. Chinese people only have to ask their gay friends one question: “Are you a 0 or 1?” It’s hard to tell which system better captures the nuances of human sexuality, but for sure, Chinese people are better at math.


Gay Category-01


Gay Identity

American and Chinese gays define their personal identity in different ways. American gays tend to agree that they are born with their sexuality. Chinese gays more often attribute it to their uniqueness. They walk in crowds with an internal monologue saying: I am gorgeous, I am the Queen/King, and all of you are lame basic bitches.


Gay Identity11-01


Gay Fashion

Both Chinese and American gays LOVE skinny jeans, exaggerated shades, and super short shorts, but beyond that fashion preferences differ. Shining skin, gelled hair, and cute vintage clothes will make you an Instagram star in the States, but you need an MCM backpack, a Korean baseball cap, and CK underwear to get a “thumbs up” on Wechat.


Gay Fashion-01


Gay Club Culture

Smile, dance, flirt, seduce – an American gay club is a place full of gay love and gay pride. But when you walk in a Chinese gay club, you can smell the hostility in the air. Following the local social custom is very important, so before you make a visit to a Chinese gay club, make sure you thoroughly practice your arm crossing, lip curling and eye rolling.


Gay Club-01


Gay Sex Habits

The best community to affirm Six Degrees of Separation is the Chinese gay community – any gay stranger a gay encounters on the street can be reached by an intercourse chain of six people at most. They’ve definitely won credit for China by smashing the stereotype of being conservative in the bedroom. American gays, I’m sorry to say, have just fallen behind. Amidst so many grinder dates and make-out sessions in the club, they can’t close the deal like the Chinese gays can. Step it up, guys!


Gay Sex-01

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