8 Types of Guys on Tinder in China

Tinder weirdos, Tinder weirdos everywhere…

1. The Bare Skin

About Grey
Working out is my lifelong passion.
AKA About Grey
I am freakin hot, so fuck me.


2. The Literate Artist

About James
“And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth.”
AKA About James
I can quote Carver, so fuck me.


3. The Bilingual Freak


About BigMountain
I can speak Chinese. 而且说得很好。如果你swipe right, 我会buy you a drink.
AKA About BigMountain
I can speak Chinese, so 来一发吗?


4. The Itchy Feet


About Tang
Beijing (March-April)/Sri Lanka (May)/India (June-July). Wanna meet up?
AKA About Tang
I am on a sex tour, so wanna join?


5. The Costume

About Jack
Would love to team up with a  bountiful and bombastically bright lass to rob those lily-livered pantsies blind, aye.  Whadda ya say, matey?
AKA About Jack
I am into costume sex, so yes?


6. The I-AM-POPULAR Loser

About Seth
Life is a party with friends. Swipe right to join me!
AKA About Seth
I have no friends, so fuck me for charity.


7. The True Love Seeker

About Joseph
My favorite movie is the Notebook, and I love Taylor Swift. I’ll tell our kids we met at the church.
AKA About Joseph
I swear to marry you, so fuck me.


8. The Chinese Trying So Hard to Speak English

About XiaoMing
I English is so-so, but I not ashamed. Not at all. Do you want teach me?
AKA About XiaoMing
I really want to learn English. That’s all.



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