5 Types of Chinese Bosses

If there’s someone most likely to drop into your nightmares, it could be your boss. Our bosses can be very special to us – they know what drives us, how to hurt us, and most shamefully, where our bottom lines are. Today is their turn to be whipped by Shameless.

1. The Emperor Boss

The Emperor Boss literally have hand cancer – somehow they just can’t scan their own documents, buy their own coffee or book their own meeting rooms, and they are too cheap to hire an assistant. The Emperor Boss might boss you around, but they are not hard to please. You just need to take care of all his or her needs in life and make them satisfied. Light their cigarette? No problem! Pick their nose? I’m on it! Wipe their asshole? It’d be my pleasure! Just consider yourself your boss’ right hand, and do whatever a right hand is supposed to do, if you know what I mean.


2. The Bitch Boss

Like Bitch in the Palace, Bitch in the Office sleeps their way up to the top. They may replace their Qing Dynasty costumes with tight suits, but they’re full of the same dirty little schemes. Watch out for the color of their lipstick – if someday they show up in the office with a bloody red lip color instead of light pink, someone is going to get their ass kicked. Be careful though, Bitch Boss is not reserved to just women. Next time you see a handsome but stupid young man who was promoted to a ridiculously high level, please send my best wishes to his bleeding butthole.


3. The Credit Owner

The Credit Owner is the smartest type of boss. They know when to place themselves in a team and when to jump out as a leader. “I got a new business opportunity, but our team failed to close it.” “The client wasn’t happy with our team’s proposal, but I have a good idea for a Plan B.” “I personally think you’re a good employee, but it’s the team’s choice that you have to leave.” Well done, Boss, but guess what? I really think you are just a hypocritical asshole, but the team all agrees that you are also despicable and stupid.


4. Boss 2G

Just like China’s rich and affluent 2nd Generation , Boss 2G is the same sort of creature in the office. Young girls love to fantasize about these Boss 2Gs, maybe because of the way they are featured in romance fantasies – born to be rich, handsome and well educated, becoming VP of the family business at 24, and inevitably falling in love with a poor but stubborn girl. Well…wake up, Mary Sue! Because in real life these Boss 2Gs look exactly like their bald-headed dads who run a coal mine or a machine tool factory, and when he pushes you to a corner, the first thing touching you won’t be his lips, but his beer belly.


5. The Pie Painter

Not every boss is lazy and stupid. Some of them clearly see value in you, but they just pretend they did not. Instead of paying you what you deserve, the Pie Painter Boss only makes up lies. “The package isn’t ideal, but after Series A I will double it for you!” “I know you’re being underpaid, but we’ll provide you a lot of opportunities to grow!” Enough of the bullshit. To deal with the Pie Painter Boss, you just need to apply what they did to you and give it back: “I know I’m shitty right now, but trust me, if you put up with me for ten more years, I will be the best employee you’ve ever had.”


Thanks for reading this article. Be sure to like and comment below and let me know your stories with your boss.

Stay shameless!


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